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The Archive highlights significant documents relating to Bedroom Farce which are held in Archive by either Alan Ayckbourn, the Ayckbourn Archive at the University of York or The Bob Watson Archive at the Stephen Joseph Theatre. All material is copyright protected and should not be reproduced.
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An extract from an interview with Alan Ayckbourn published in the Sunday Times on 30 June 1974. This is the first mention of the title of the play with Alan revealing a longer title of ‘Bedroom Farce, A Comedy’. (Copyright: The Sunday Times)

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Some of Alan Ayckbourn’s early hand-written notes for the plot for Bedroom Farce held in the Ayckbourn Archive at the University of York. The note read:
Trevor & Susannah split up -
Trevor goes round to Nick & Jan who are having a party -
Susannah goes home to Mum & Dad (Ernest and Delia) who have just had a terrible row.
(Copyright: Alan Ayckbourn)

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Peter Hall, Artistic Director of the National Theatre, with Alan Ayckbourn on the set of the National Theatre’s phenomenally successful production of Bedroom Farce. (Copyright: National Theatre)
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The earliest known note referring to to Bedroom Farce is this sketch found on the back of a page of a Jeeves manuscript. It shows a proposed staging of Bedroom Farce with four beds on stage with one of the couples being called Patsy and Glyn. Also note Trevor is described as a plumber / revolutionary and Susannah is Ernest & Delia’s daughter rather than Trevor being their son. (Copyright: Alan Ayckbourn)

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A rare photo from the world premiere production of Bedroom Farce at the Library Theatre, Scarborough, showing the play was staged three-sided rather than in-the-round due to the original set design not fitting the space. (Copyright: Scarborough Theatre Trust)

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A letter from Thames Television investigating the possibility of creating a spin-off television series centred on Ernest & Delia from Bedroom Farce. A pilot script was written by Peter Tinniswood, but never filmed. (Copyright: To be confirmed)

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