Bedroom Farce: Further Reading

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Published Editions

Bedroom Farce
Samuel French Ltd, 1978, ISBN 0573110476
Three Plays
Penguin, 1979, ISBN 0140481508
Three Plays
Vintage Classics, 2010, ISBN 978-0099541639


Paul Allen: A Pocket Guide to Alan Ayckbourn’s Plays
pp.43-46 (Faber & Faber, 2004, ISBN 0571214924)
Paul Allen: Alan Ayckbourn - Grinning at the Edge*
pp.154-55 (Methuen, 2001, ISBN 0413731200)
Michael Billington: Alan Ayckbourn (2nd Ed)*
pp.100-108 (Palgrave, 1990, ISBN 0333498976)
Albert-Reiner Glaap: Ayckbourn Country (2nd Ed)*
pp.61-63 (Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 2004, ISBN 3884766783)
Michael Holt: Alan Ayckbourn*
pp.34-35 (Northcote Press, 1999, ISBN 0746308590)
Albert E. Kalson: Laughter In The Dark*
pp.115-118 (Associated Universities Press, 1991, ISBN 0838634796)
Oleg Kerensky: The New British Drama
pp.128-129 (Hamish Hamilton, 1977, ISBN0241896282)
Simon Murgatroyd: Unseen Ayckbourn
(Lulu Books, 2013, ISBN 9781291676631)
Malcolm Page: File On Ayckbourn*
pp.39-42 (Methuen, 1989, ISBN 0413420108)
Ian Watson: Conversations With Ayckbourn*
pp.73-74, 89, 159-161 (Faber and Faber, 1988, ISBN 0571151922)
Sidney Howard White: Alan Ayckbourn*
pp.80-88 (Twayne Publishers, 1984, ISBN 080576870X)
* indicates out of print


Unlocal Lad Makes Good
Ian Jack, Sunday Times, 30 June 1974
Scarborough - Where To Succeed In Showbusiness
Shiva Naipaul, Radio Times, 23 August 1975
Playing For Laughs To A Lady Typist
Brian Connell, The Times, 5 January 1976
Striking Sparks Off Suburbia
John Heilpern, The Observer, 12 February 1977
Scarborough Fare
Judith Cook, Birmingham Post, 1 March 1977
England's Triumphant Playwright
San Francisco Chronicle, 30 August 1977
Alan Ayckbourn: Sadness and the human comedy
David Richards, Washington Star, 18 February 1979
Ayckbourn - Comic Laureate of Britain's middle class
Benedict Nightingale, New York Times, 25 March 1979
England's Comic Master
Jacques le Sourd, Standard Star, 15 April 1979
Ayckbourn And Hall, The Chairmen Of The Boards
Valerie Grove, The Times, 22 March 2010

Reviews (world premiere)

An Ayckbourn Joke In Bedrooms
Eric Shorter, Daily Telegraph, 17 June 1975
Alan Ayckbourn's Bedroom Farce
Stephen Dixon, The Guardian, 17 June 1975
Alan's Latest The Funniest Yet
David Jeffels, Northern Echo, 20 June 1975
Alan Ayckbourn's Bedroom Farce Can't Fail
Scarborough Evening News, 17 June 1975
Scarborough 'Bedroom Farce'
The Stage, 3 July 1975
Hilarious Study Of Marriage In Playwright's 17th Play
Desmond Pratt, Yorkshire Post, 18 June 1975

Reviews (London premiere)

Bedroom Farce
J.C. Trewin, Birmingham Post, 17 March 1977
Comedy Reigns Supreme In Chaos
Herbert Kretzmer, Daily Express, 19 March 1977
Brilliant... So What Else Is New?
Jack Tinker, Daily Mail, 17 March 1977
Another Hit For Alan…
Arthur Thirkell, Daily Mirror, 18 March 1977
Ingenious Ayckbourn Crafts Smooth Farce
John Barber, Daily Telegraph, 20 March 1977
Comedy Conquest
Felix Barker, Evening News, 17 Match 1977
Mattress Maths
Milton Shulman, Evening Standard, 20 March 1977
Bedroom Farce
B.A. Young, Financial Times, 17 March 1977
Bedroom Farce
Michael Billington, The Guardian, 17 March 1977
The Hilarity Behind The Normal
John Walker, International Herald Tribune, 20 March 1977
You Only Laugh When It Hurts
David Nathan, Jewish Chronicle, 18 March 1977
New Plays
J.C. Trewin, The Lady, 31 March 1977
Bedroom Farce
The Listener, 24 March 1977
Life In Ayckbourne [sic]
Benedict Nightingale, New Statesman, 25 March 1977
Fun In The Suburbs
Robert Cushman, The Observer, 20 March 1977
Bedroom Farce
Sandy Wilson, Plays And Players, May 1977
Absurd Persons Plural
Sheridan Morley, Punch, 23 March 1977
Bedroom Farce
Alastair Stuart, The Scotsman, 18 March 1977
Blue Rooms
Ted Whitehead, The Spectator, 26 March 1977
'Bedroom Farce' At The Lyttelton
Douglas Blake, The Stage, 24 March 1977
Sunday Express, 20 March 1977
Houses Of Cards
Frank Marcus, Sunday Telegraph, 20 March 1977
The National's Happy Birthday
Bernard Levin, Sunday Times, 20 March 1977
Clare Colvin, Tatler, May 1977
Bedroom Farce
Irving Wardle, The Times, 17 March 1977
Catalysts Among The Pigeons
Kenneth Hurren, What's On, 25 March 1977

Reviews (London revival 2009)

Bedroom Farce
Charles Spencer, Daily Telegraph, 20 October 2009
Bedroom Farce
Sarah Hemming, Financial Times, 20 October 2009
Bedroom Farce
Michael Billington, The Guardian, 19 October 2010
Bedroom Farce
The Londonist, 22 October 2009
Bedroom Distress
Matt Wolf, New York Times, 3 November 2009
Sharp As An Arrow
The Spectator, 4 November 2009
Bedroom Farce
John Thaxter, The Stage (online), 16 October 2009
Bedroom Farce
Jane Edwardes, Sunday Times, 1 November 2009
Bedroom Farce
Sam Marlowe, The Times, 19 October 2009

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